Another example of TSA abuse

By Tim Shoemaker

Susie Castillo, 2003 Miss USA is the latest victim of the grotesque TSA policy of “enhanced pat-downs” for those who opt-out of the potentially radiating body scanners.  Over the past few days, this story has made its rounds on the Internet, and in fact, while I was typing this blog, a clip of her video was shown on Glenn Beck. 

In addition to the video, Susie wrote about her experience at the hands of the “blue-shirts.”  It’s encouraging to see her call for all Americans who are exposed to this invasive policy to protest such treatment, not just to the TSA (Susie’s filing a complaint by phone, email and paper), but by demanding your congressional representatives and senators do something to reign in the abusive TSA policy of “legalized molestation.”

I’d encourage everyone to take a moment to read Susie’s post and watch her video.  Afterwards, please contact Congress and demand your elected representatives and senators stand up for your rights against the TSA.

Source: Campaign For Liberty Blog

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