“What Has Rand Paul Done?”

By Matt Hawes

A new piece on BluegrassBulletin.com looks at Senator Paul’s actions on the “Patriot” Act last week from a long-term perspective on Washington, D.C. and the liberty movement.

And now, after his amendments were defeated, you might be asking, what has Rand Paul done?

What he has done is quite simply, amazing. This freshman senator who was told that his role would be to sit down, shut up and do as he was told, made it very clear that when it comes to defending the constitution and the God given rights of Americans, he fully intends to stand up, be heard and do what in his heart he knows is right.

Some with extreme nearsightedness might view the defeat of his amendments as the delivery of a lesson to this young whippersnapper that his actions have been relegated to meaningless antics. But they fail to see the import of what he accomplished. Paul not only proved that he is a man of his word, but he has now forced a bunch of backslapping Senators to go on record either for, or against, the American people. Rand Paul has called them out for all to see. Traitors to liberty hide no more.

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If you haven’t yet, I’ll hope you’ll call and thank Senator Mike Lee at 202-224-5444 for also taking a bold stand (against overwhelming opposition in his own party) for the Fourth Amendment and civil liberties.

Source: Campaign For Liberty Blog

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