Ron Paul President honest vs IMF NWO corporation SpA 5di9

WeAreONEbigFamily SAID: i don’t know about the "killing muslim part" i think you are terribly wrong here. — ANSWER–YOU HAVE A FALSE CONCEPT OF GOD! and consequently is not suitable to your religion! and for people like you, who is now the world is full of all wickedness, since Jesus said to us Christians, that, we should be the light of the world! ok! but, you now have to consider .. What, you’ve become: the accomplice:of 300: Christian martyrs: of any daily: killed by the Muslims, and 100: each day, killed by: Buddhists, Hindus and Communists. because are: 160000, the Christian martyrs of every year and they? I am absolutely innocent … is evident, as, even you are for satan! ShalomGerusalemme (5 ore fa) Spam @To All — be of Satan, to do sex? But the gains of Satan is your doom of destruction! to be of Satan, for to do a bit of sex? this is too stupid, because God understands our weakness and forgive! What you do: alone and sad: he enters with me in the Kingdom of God.. having put all the weight (all sins), on the Cross of Jesus Christ? now, God no longer has a problem with your sin! now, So it does not matter, what, you did … or, you could do! but it is essential that you confess that as the world, is a liar, and God in everything, that God did write in the Bible? is all true and right! What you are doing well: all sad and alone? Courage! Come along with me: in the Kingdom of God! gioia amore love joy love joy love joy love joy halleluiah! lol.! amen <b>…</b>

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