Jubilee NOW! Gone WIld(crafting) and Healing Thoughts (8/11)

"Cancer Cure" — ABC News said it, not me… www.youtube.com Does it really work? This guy thinks so (please note the link to the movie at this link, too!) www.dailypaul.com But what does the FDA have to say about it? www.naturalnews.com "Lord, I need THREE signs that you are going to take care of the mess down here… I hear their financial center is London, their spiritual leader is the Pope, and their military center is Washington DC. You see any of the shit going on here?" London: Look how folks were "protected and served" by their civil servants: www.washingtontimes.com The Pope… what is with that mushroom stage?! www.youtube.com The National Phallus: www.nbcwashington.com "Hehehe. Thanks, Lord, That was fun." Ron Paul for peace, me for peace: www.reflectionsorders.com Silver — Worthless Metal? www.silverinstitute.org Silver Expertise — I have NO connection to any of these people, I do not buy from them or sell to them. I find them to be well informed about silver, so I advise you to use their sites to educate yourself. I do not agree with them on everything… so what? www.maxkeiser.com www.silver-investor.com www.sprott.com www.jsmineset.com For a clearinghouse of silver information, try: gata.org kingworldnews.com One last thought…enjoy the ride! www.youtube.com

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