Ron Paul is still the choice of young republican’s

Rick Sanchez and Kiran Chetry appear not to expect the answer they got from a Republican college student on a special "College Week" edition of CNN’s American Morning. Laura Elizabeth Morales, a Republican and a junior at the University of Texas appears with Rachel Moore, Democrat and a senior at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania. On being asked who she thinks the GOP candidate will be for the 2008 Presidential election, Morales puts her support behind Texas Congressman Ron Paul. "I really think he’s a sound traditional conservative," says Morales. "I really think he really sticks to the Constitution, and really stands for what conservatives believe in." A surprised Sanchez asks: "What are you trying to say?" Chetry follows up to ask if there is any, as she puts it, ‘top tier’ GOP candidate that Morales would support because, she says, "if I was a betting woman I’d say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance, unfortunately for you." Chetry asks if there is a "lack of enthusiasm" over the ‘top tier’ GOP candidate. "Having been the idealistic betting candidate," says Morales, "I’d say Ron Paul’s got the chance. Idealistically. As far as the ‘top tier’ candidates, I don’t really think they stand for what traditional conservatives believe in. You’ve got Giuliani out there, who’s really an anti-gun Republican who’s going to lose a strong base, especially here in the South. And then Mitt Romney kind of flip-flops on his issues. John McCain, I think, is pretty much just ‘out,’ but <b>…</b>

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