Why Occupy Bay street will never happen in Canada ?

Occupy Bay street will never happen , ( Bay street is the Canadian stock Market for those who do not know ) yes Occupy Bay street will never happen because Canadians are so compliant with the system that it is impossible for them to understand it , remember this country was founded by hard core monarchists who refused to rebel against the queen of Britain so they came here in Canada so that they can worship the queen in peace , Canada will never have a congressman like Ron Paul , a radio host like Alex Jones or even a guy like this Rudowski ,for as bad as America is or has gotten , there is still a social movement that is alive and well , what Canada has to offer to the world besides resources from looted lands and GM Wheat and potatoes ? Canadians do not know what freedom looks like they never had it and they will never have it , their brains are frozen with the cold the GM food and the fluoride in the water , they do not know what freedom of speech is they never had any constitution , the constitution here is whatever the queen says , so long live the queen everything is great in Canada despite the cold and the police state

Source: YouTube

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