Ron Paul 2012 Supporters Heckle Herman Cain Speech

Our economy is on life support. Then the Ron Paul 2012 Supporters interrupted heckled in Alabama. Herman Cain Speech. With all due respect I’m going to give this speech thank you very much. Mr. Cain is asking for respect but the Ron Paul cult followers don’t know the meaning of that. Yelling waving their stupid signs. Herman Cain is a Republican candidate to remove President Obama from office. Bunch of dumb, college university yuppies, the legalize pot gang. Ron Paul for President 2012, what’s going on? Never in my years have I seen a troop of arrogant, little shits that’s organized on the college campuses or in the basement of their parents home. The Ron Paul cult need to respect people before they talk. Don’t think that Ron Paul is an evil person, he’s just misguided on his foreign policy and his domestic issues. As far as the juvenile delinquents, on the Youtube launching outrageous, perverse insults. Ron Paul supporters believe that the Bush government flew planes into those Trade Towers 911, you need some mental help. They’ll attack anybody that is against Ron Paul campaign. Those little bastards should put up some videos, go to their Channel there’s nothing there. Ron Paul is in bed with the Liberals. We support Israel, Ron supports Jihad and no student loans.

Source: YouTube

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