Choice for 2012 RONPAUL !

I’m a Lithuanian, I want to help spread the message about RON PAUL for the sake of America and the world ! He’s the THE CHAMPION OF THE CONSTITUTION, IT’S HOW FREEDOM WORKS ! Help restore America and freedom NOW with RON PAUL ! 3D animation and motion graphics by "The High Tide" Prom come together in a 60 second grassroots promo for Presidential candidate Ron Paul. ________________________________________ **DISCLAIMER** The amy2x YouTube channel is independent,non-profit News Reporting venue and is not endorsed, approved or funded by Congressman Ron Paul. ________________________________________ http ______________________________________________ About The High Tide The High Tide is not just about Presidential candidate Ron Paul, but about the idea of returning America back to it’s founding principles of freedom and liberty. A small group of dedicated grassroots artists have created a new 60 second promo/TV ad for Presidential candidate Ron Paul, entitled "The High Tide". The ad combines carefully edited audio from various Ron Paul speeches with high end computer animation, motion graphics, and a moving musical score, into a unique presentation that is reaching new eyes and reinvigorating the dedicated Ron Paul grassroots. _________________________________________________ *Disclaimer-Ron Paul,THe Ron Paul Campaign and The High Tide provides no endorsement of the amy2x Channel or the use of any of it’s work on the amy2x <b>…</b>

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