Muslims killed 500 Christians in Nigeria freedom religion Koran – YouTube.flv

who approved the killing of Christians? with his children: he must carry the weight it! why, Christians Are Persecuted, Martyred, and Killed Worldwide!@Muslims-by when Muhammad: Been is called: "the prophet?" lol not is more an honor to be called:the prophet! is useless: that: you break my eardrums that I am your Mahdì! you can not make of the beautiful religion: my holy Islam. an imperialism: that is satanism: for the conquest of the world: "if change: the: Jews: also? then: you will change also: contrary? you will do this 3rd WW nuclear, where no one of you: can survive! @ComunitaEbraicaRoma, from the book of Revelation 2628342 – the beast: to: 10 horns: and: to: 7 heads: that: I will kill: the present IMF ECB FED NWO. because: my friend: President Ron Paul: he not can win: against all fortresses of the occult powers in the USA: that: go into hibernation: only. All the nations of the Middle East: for not: be destroy are forced: to came under my protection: but after the next 50 years, "a Lamb: that: talk as an: Dragon "will resurrect the beast: FED BCE IMF NWO; that: he was invincible and will require the 666 or microchip against all in the world… Leviticus [Chapter 8] [1] "The Lord said again to Moses": the liberator to the political leader: you have consecrate to ME, the priests and: you have to impose the law of the Temple! Here is why: is my responsibility: to build the Temple: consecrate the priests and the Levites: and: to decide all the: rules and regulations <b>…</b>

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