Exclusive interview with Mrs. Carol Paul – Part 5

More reasons why hed be the best president. SUBSCRIBE 2 NEW and OLD CHANNEL: youtube.com twitter @ronpaulgirl @girls4ronpaul or at @liberydallas @1:27 Her platform as first lady @3:00 – till 4:49 – my personal commentary, sorry @5:01: Good clips (some have nothing to do with Carol. It’s Random . For fun. This is more girl talk in the beginning. But tells a lot about Ron Paul. He was coming home from kicking Bernake’s ass on this night. I bet he had a good dinner. ronpaulgirl.com http @7:18 hundreds of girls4ronpaul clips like this on girls4ronpaul Youtube Channel. I’m ready for Obama girl, but can’t find a Romney girl,why is that? hmm @ 9:00 Mallory’s bad ass song @10:00 Girls 4 Ron Paul! RNC if you want to win you need US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @10:20 Our weekly Google hangout with Matlarson10 LiberryJanie (winner of infowars contests, etc) a random clip – (Not PC, Stop watching now if offended, sorry I didn’t check this part closely)

Source: YouTube

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