Ron Paul & Illegal Immigration with ALIPAC

Alipac is a great organization, I have their link on the right side of my channel page. You can join a great immigration group at Numbersusa is free to join and once you are a member you can fax your immigration weasels in Washington for free. I also recommend and the other sites featured on my channel wholeheartedly. I am not saying you won’t find anything offensive written by the contributors to the sites I mentioned , heck, you can be offended listening to NPR,what I am saying is these are the best sites with the best information on immigration on the Internet. Learn from them while they are still available and take action by educating yourself and others and voting. Check out the featured immigration video sites on the right side of my channel page. Thinking or talking about immigration is good, but taking action NOW is the only thing that will make any difference. Don’t believe anything I or others tell you on immigration. Keep an open mind and read other sources and make up your own mind. But do it soon. If you will not help save your country today, when will you? If you like my videos, please subscribe today. I add the best immigration videos I can find on the web every week plus make and add my own immigration videos.

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