Ron Paul: No congressman read fiscal cliff law

Sponsor: – Ron Paul No congressman read fiscal cliff law. Illustrated Straight Talk from the *real* leader of the opposition. Originally broadcast as audio only, around 1.7.2013 Some or all of the video/audio in this clip’s likely available, for you to use, commercially or however you like. Basically anything that was shot by me or was public domain to begin with. My stuff is automatically released into the public domain. At least until I say otherwise. Usually if I shot it, "" or "" will appear at the bottom. Anything which has that super or was obviously shot by me is public domain. Ron Paul 2013 speeches illustrated by and friends: How *you* can buy an ad for yourself, on the Ridley Report show… fiscal cliff bill nh raw news videos pork barrell politics. new hampshire. ron paul dave ridley report. texas straight talk cops Creative commons license, economy freedom economic malaise police states public domain footage. collapse of the dollar ridleyreport free state project corruption washington dcus congress free to use. resistance movements senators congressmen kelly ayotte live free or die, staters liberty gary johnson libertarians politics political jobs read the bills act downsize dc jim babka. ron paul, texas straight talk, economic collapse, read the bills, economy, corruption, congress, us, senators

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