Glenn Beck Takes On Coulter Calling Libertarians ‘Pussies,’ Whines About ‘Nazi’

On his radio show this afternoon, Glenn Beck and his merry band of radio buddies listened to Ann Coulter calling a room full of libertarians "pussies," and mostly agreed with the sentiment. Beck then went on a rant about how libertarians don’t like him — seemingly hinting at a particular band of "jerks" who don’t want him as part of the movement. During her appearance in a Stossel taping before the 2013 International Students for Liberty Conference, Coulter called libertarians "pussies" for their emphasis on social issues like legalizing drugs and gay marriage. She made the case that libertarians just want to "suck up to their liberal friends" by talking about drugs and homosexuality. Beck was initially skeptical of this assessment, noting that there likely aren’t many libertarians who are friends with the likes of Paul Krugman and Barack Obama. But Beck’s co-hosts were immediately impressed with Coulter’s attitude: "Remember Occupy Wall Street? There were some Ron Paul supporters in that. They get dragged right along with those people. That’s happens with libertarians," said co-host Pat Gray, noted expert on libertarianism. Beck then began to complain about certain libertarians who refuse to accept him as part of their movement (cough, cough), noting that he had a "bad word" to describe such people, but he’d withhold for the good family-oriented listeners at home. He explained how he sent one of his employees to the ISFLC to explore the ideas and report back <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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